The Craft Brewer Bill, Legislation, H. 267, aims to allow small brewers to terminate contracts with distributors without any prior notice.  This bill is not needed.

The current network has led to the growth in craft beer brands:
The bill is not needed. The current network helps craft brewers market, transport and distribute their products to consumers. The best way to get a small craft brew to market is through a distributor. The state’s network of beer distributors are the best tool available to craft brewers for penetrating the market and achieving and maintaining visibility on store shelves.

The current distributor network offers craft brewers merchandising, advertising, promotions, warehouses, equipment, trucks, a sales force, and warehouse crews to assist with the distribution of their brews.

Trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist:

This bill has been portrayed to fix a problem – craft brewers being able to get their products to consumers – that doesn’t exist. The current network in place allows each craft brewer to get every type of their craft beer products to retail.

No one wins with this legislation:

Craft brewers lose vital marketing know-how and retail relationships. Distributors will lose the incentive to bring on new craft brands and it will cost existing jobs. Consumers won’t have access to small, innovative beer brands.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing:

Two large brewers are pushing this bill portraying it as help to small craft brewers. The reality is that if passed as written it would keep new competition from entering their marketplace, and give consumers fewer choices.

Distributors and craft brewers enjoy a long history of successful partnership which has led to the explosion of the craft beer market across the country. House 267 as filed threatens to unravel that. Please oppose H. 267.


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